Kogarashi is a startup coffee roasting company, founded by two friends with a passion for making quality coffee. Their ethos revolves around respecting nature's timetable, selecting their coffee based on what's in season around the world and paying above fair trade prices, sourcing from only the most dedicated farmers producing unique and exciting coffees.


The inspiration behind their brand name was born from their admiration of Japanese coffee houses where the expert baristas take pride in exhibiting extraordinary care during every stage of the coffee making process. This respect for the coffee making process was important to them, and is reflected throughout their process. Aware that they were entering an already crowded market, with competitors already well-established in the industry, Kogarashi needed to stand out and the brand would reflect this, both aesthetically and strategically.

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Working alongside the client through a series of workshops, we started to develop a brand strategy, identifying what made Kogarashi unique and how they could position themselves within the market. As advocates of Third Wave Coffee, it was important for the brand to reflect this traditional approach to coffee making while still remaining contemporary.

The brand is built up from classic elements alongside more contemporary ones. A classic blue inspired by the traditional Japanese Indigo colour, alongside a modern pink to give the brand a fresh approach and accents of green to reflect the natural ethos. The serif typefaces reflect the traditional inspirations, but by using bold modern variants these remain contemporary. 

When we came to Darwin we knew we wanted to sell coffee but weren't sure how to position ourselves within the Market, but Darwin made all this easy for us and have developed a brand with us that we absolutely love!
Kogarashi Co-Founder
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We developed a brand guidelines document so that Kogarashi could go away and confidently work with their new brand on their own when needed, and along with the usual suite of branding materials we developed some packaging options for them. As they were just launching the most important thing for Kogarashi in terms of their packaging was affordability. We worked with them and came up with a cost effective solution that allowed them to retain all the information they needed on their packaging while still remaining within budget.