Thandi’s Fund Raiser was founded by Angie Goody after she returned from a volunteering trip to Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa in 2012. During this trip Angie witnessed first hand the devastation and horrific injuries caused by poachers to three Rhino’s when they were attacked for their horns. One, a large male died that night from his injuries, the other two who were named Thandi and Themba both survived the initial poaching. Themba, only 4 years old, died 25 days later due to the extent of his injuries. A fundraising campaign was then set up in the survivor Thandi’s name. This fundraising campaign proved so successful it was decided to rename and register the fundraiser as the charity T.E.S.A (Thandi’s Endangered Species Association) in 2014. Although the initial fundraiser was set up to help the Rhino population of South Africa, T.E.S.A will look to provide funding and support to a broad range of endangered species around the world.

TESA A4 Brochure
Tesastamp Tesa Lanyard Mockup 2